Production tool


SwissLens uses a digital lathe specifically designed to manufacture made to measure contact lenses and is capable of nano-metric levels of accuracy. This highly advanced technology is also used to produce the dynamically stabilsation bumps found on our toric lenses. These lathes enable the production of lenses with a level of precision and quality that has never been achieved before. The cutting tool, as well as the driving software was developed by SwissLens, in collaboration with EPFL (Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne) along with other Swiss high technology companies. Since it is protected by various patents the company benefits from its exclusive capabilities.

Made to measure


SwissLens lenses can correct all combinations of ametropia, (spherical, astigmatic or presbyopic). The classic range offers an unlimited choice of parameters and materials, as well as the possibility to modify the geometry of a lens to achieve a satisfactory fit.

Ecology and quality


The nanotechnology makes it possible to manufacture lenses without the traditional polishing phase. This improves lens reproducibility and optical quality and also means the use of chemicals is kept to a minimum.




We collaborate closely with our main raw material suppliers: Contamac (, Vista Optics (, Polymer Technology ( and Paragon Vision Science ( This collaboration means we are always at the cutting edge of new material development. Every lens can be manufactured in the most appropriate material for the patient.

Working conditions



Manufacture and quality control are carried out in buildings specifically designed for the production of contact lenses:  Temperature controlled environments ensure lenses are produced and hydrated to the highest possible standards.

Traceability and reproductability


Every SwissLens lens has its own unique serial number, this guarantees future lenses can be perfectly reproduced. It also allows lens specialist to easily access historical data regarding any lens they have previously ordered.