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Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? Are you looking for a solution that provides better vision, healthier eyes, longer wearing times or better comfort?

From simple prescriptions to more complex conditions such as Keratoconus, post LASIK, post-operative or other irregularities – SwissLens has a contact lens that could meet your needs.

Are you affected by Keratoconus?

  • Are you already wearing contact lenses for your Keratoconus?
  • Are you experiencing fluctuating vision, especially when switching between contact lens and glasses?
  • Do you want better comfort?
  • Do you want longer wearing times?
  • Do your current lenses feel disruptive?
  • Do you want the convenience of occasional wear lenses? (for sports, hobbies, social occasions)
  • Do you want the comfort of soft lenses?

For any grade of Keratoconus (1,2,3 or 4) HydroCone from SwissLens could provide the solution. For more information contact your eye care professional.

Are you affected by Corneal surgery?

  • Do you still need a prescription after LASIK or PRK surgery?
  • Did you have a corneal transplant?
  • Are you wearing glasses after your surgical procedure?
  • Do you need reading glasses over your contact lenses?
  • Do you need reading glasses after LASIK or PRK surgery?
  • Have you been told that standard contact lenses won’t work after your procedure?

With HydroMed SwissLens offers a specialized contact lenses for post operative patients. For more information contact your eye care professional.