The Baby Lens „Orbis-B“ is designed specifically for the infant eye. With smaller diameters and an extensive choice of base curves the lens can be precisely fitted to the smaller cornea. This promotes comfort which is essential when fitting young children and achieving compliance. The “Orbis-B” geometry is optimized for the pediatric cornea and comes in high oxygen permeable materials.


Baby lenses are usually used when fitting newborns or young children where the crystalline lens of the eye has been removed. Normally artificial implant lenses are not considered due to the ongoing growth of the infant’s eye, therefore a specialized contact lens is an ideal solution

Other causes can be a high anisometropia or a strong cornea. Rarely, a micro cornea occurs when the cornea of the child is significantly reduced.

To obtain a high oxygen supply in such thick (+) lenses, we offer the baby lens in the Silicone Hydrogel Definitive74.

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  • Diameter 12.00 or 13.00 mm
  • Base curve of 6.90 to 12.00 mm
  • +/-40.00 dpt.
  • Flattening steep or flat
  • Material: Silicone Hydrogel Definitive74 or Igel77