RGP post surgery contact lens

After corneal surgery, resulting corneal irregularity is almost inevitably and Ca-86% of the time contact lens correction is the only viable way to recover a satisfactory level of Visual acuity. With the “FlexMed” soft lens patient adaption is better than with rigid lens alternatives and massive visual improvements can be accomplished. A uniform fit and healthy lens movement can be achieved through the customization of the back-surface geometry. The irregularities, wrinkles or steps on the cornea can be compensated for by lens parameter adjustments

Simple fitting process

The fitting of “FlexMed” is very straightforward and time-efficient.

The use of fitting lenses is generally recommended.

Use first the fitting lens. If the back-surface geometry does not show satisfactory fitting behavior, or a special topography is required, the back surface can be individually parameterized via the “Orbiflex SxS


  • Back surface: Central, spherical optical zone, 2 peripheral zones, spherical flattening
  • Front surface: Spherical front powered optic zone, or Bifocal (BF) / simple progressive (SP)


  • Base curve: from 6.00 mm up to 11.00
  • Diameter: from 7.50 mm to 12.00 mm
  • Sphere: +/-40.00DS
  • Addition: + 0.50 to + 4.00 DS

Standard parameters can be modified after consultation with our professional services team.