Soft keratocone contact lens

The new way to fit a keratoconus contact lens

HydroCone is a new modern soft contact lens offered as a comfortable alternative to traditional RGP lenses. The lens has a unique geometry specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Keratoconic Cornea.

This unique design geometry allows a successful fit with nearly all kinds of corneal irregularities, also adjustments can be made to achieve good vision even with high astigmatism.

Modern materials, especially Silicon Hydrogel, offers enhanced patient comfort and potential wearing times of up of 18 hours! Compared to the limited wearing times with RGP lenses this can have a very positive impact on the patient’s quality of life, who may be virtually blind when their vision is uncorrected.

Optimised back surface

  • BC in centre = steepening of the cone
  • Peripheral: important flattening to make sure that the lens also fits well in the conjunctival area
  • Optimised flattening: depending on the stage of keratoconus
  • there are 2 choices of flattening: early keratoconus (K12), progressed keratoconus (K34).
  • Individualised curves guaranteeing the correction of corneal irregularities.
  • „Easy fitting process“

Modern front surface design


  • Optimised central optic-zone to reduce distortions by irregularities
  • Modern stabilisation (dynamic) with bumps in the periphery
  • Slim-edge-design to increase comfort – like standard soft contact lenses
  • Thin peripheral design to optimise the transmissibility of oxygen
  • No Prism = no incremental thickness increase at the inferior edge
  • Front optic zone reducing residual astigmatism

Comfortable & healthy

The HydroCone is available in two different high oxygen-materials.

  • Silicon-Hydrogel Definitive74™” : First material (new generation) made for the production of individual lathe cut contact lenses. High Dk (transmissibility) feels smooth to wear, giving high comfort during the whole day.
  • Igel 77: Hydrogel with 77% water content. High transmissibility and deposit resistant.

Easy fitting:

Fitting HydroCone is easy and time efficient.

There are two possible fitting methods.

Fitting with trial-set:

The set includes 6 lenses: 3 for early stage keratoconus and 3 for progressed keratoconus. You can choose between three different base curves for each category. SwissLens suggest starting with the middle BC

Fitting with trial lenses:

Given information about the topography, vision and keratoconus classification, SwissLens will recommend the initial trial lens. After this first lens has been observed in situ any modifications can then be applied to a subsequent lens.

The trial lenses are manufactured with cyl -0,01 dpt. Using an autorefractometer and after a classic eye examination the practitioner can determine the definitive correction sph/cyl/axis.

Download the trial lens calculator


  • Toric (spherical lenses are delivered with a -0.01 cyl)
  • Base curve:  7.20 mm to 10.80 mm (depending on diameter)
  • Diameter: 12.00 mm to 17.00 mm
  • Sphere: +/-40.00 DS
  • Cylinder (cyl): up to -8.00 DC. / Axis 1-180
  • Addition: + 0.50 DS to + 4.00 DS
  • Back surface flattening: important (+) for early stages (K12), high(++) for progressed keratoconus (K34)
  • If the back surface geometry is not satisfactory or if the topography is really extraordinary – there is still the possibility of a custom made back surface

*The standard parameters can be changed. Delivery outside this parameter ranges are possible in consultation with our Professional Services team. (e.g. Cyl > -8.00 dpt)