Soft contact lens for irregular cornea

Revolution in fitting of postoperative and irregular corneas

The “HydroMed” soft contact lens is a revolutionary concept, designed for fitting corneas with irregularities.

Both, the back and the front surface are individually parameterised. pkp-linse-weich-ck

The unique back surface is designed to avoid pressure on any part of the irregular corneal surface (improving comfort and tolerance) whilst also promoting a smooth refractive front surface

The front surface of the contact lens can be optimised to compensate irregularities. Because the resulting lens periphery is similar to a standard lenses comfort levels are excellent. New Silicone Hydrogel materials allow an optimised oxygen permeability for the cornea.


Custom made back surfacepkp-fluor-ck

The “HydroMed” is available in two versions, bi- and tri-curve back surface. One or other variant can be selected depending on the shape of the cornea.

After refractive surgery (post-LASIK) the bi-curve version will match the flat centre and steeper periphery

For Keratoplasty (PKP) the tri-curve version is recommended

Other irregularities as well as those in the conjunctiva should be considered ocasionally.





S1S: 1 custom made peripherical zone



Both curves and diameters (central and peripher) can be parameterised individually by the Bi-curve contact lens to produce the best possible fitting result on the patients cornea.






S2S: 2 custom made peripherical zones2s-image-ck

Made up of two peripheral and one primary curve each are individualized based upon the corneal topography. The corresponding diameter of the contact lenses is also freely selectable.




Free choice of front surface

  • The front surface is usually designed as is common with standard lenses.
  • To improve image quality and visual performance the optical zone can be optimized compensating for the irregularities (similar to the HydroCone)
  • Modern dynamic stabilization system with peripheral bumps.Thin edge design for maximum comfort
  • Thin periphery to enhance sufficient oxygen permeability. No inferior prism ballast thickening necessary.
  • Astigmatism is corrected by the front surface
  • Multifocal design possible

Comfortable and healthpkp-weich-ck

The “HydroMed” is available in all materials supplied by SwissLens. So the best contact lens material can be selected depending on the nature of tears and oxygen demand. Currently seven different materials are offered.

Link to list and recommendations


Easy fitting:

Fitting HydroMed is easy and time efficient.

There are two possible fitting methods.

Fitting with trial-set:

The HydroMed S1S set includes 4 lenses. It is perfectly made for post-Lasik cases

For the HydroMed S2S exist no trial-set at the moment.

Fitting with trial lenses:

Given information about the topography and vision, SwissLens will recommend the initial trial lens. After this first lens has been observed in situ any modifications can then be applied to a subsequent lens.

The trial lenses are manufactured with cyl -0,01 dpt. Using an autorefractometer and after a classic eye examination you can determine the definitive correction Sph/Cyl/Axis.

Download the trial lens calculator


  • Toric (spherical prescriptions are supplied with a -0.01 DC cylinder)
  • Base curve: from 7.20 mm to 10.80 mm (depending on diameter)
  • Diameter: from 12.00 mm up to 17.00 mm
  • Sphere: +/-40.00 DS
  • Cylinder (cyl): to 8.00 DC / Axis 1 – 180
  • Addition: + 0.50 D to + 4.00 D
  • Back size: 2 or 3 curves

The parameters can be changed. Parameters outside the delivery ranges are possible after consultation our professional service team. For example cyl > dpt 8.00DC as far as technically feasible. We recommend to work with the online order tool.