Bandage contact lens


SwissLens bandage SiH contact lenses « Orbis-T » and « Orbis-XL » are used in a variety of ocular conditions to protect the cornea. Each condition will have its own requirements and the various features of the bandage. Silicone-Hydrogel Definitive74 lens helps to fullfil those requirements. An extensive range of parameters is available, all precisely lathe cut to meet the patients requirements.

SwissLens bandage Silicone-Hydrogel Definitive74 lenses offer a high oxygen transmission combined with low modulus, making it an excellent therapeutic aid.



  • Diameter 14.00 to 18.00 mm
  • Base Curve from 8.60 to 12.00 mm
  • Plano Power
  • Flattening in flat or step
  • Material: Silicone-Hydrogel Definitive74 or Igel77


Due to the high water retentive qualities of the Silicone-Hydrogel Definitive74 material it is not recommended being used as a drug delivery medium. The alternative Igel 77 material will be better suited for this purpose.

Product Information


  • Assists healing
  • Reduces patient discomfort
  • Isolates the corneal surface from friction during blinking
  • Splint support
  • Post operative aid
  • Improved patient V/A
  • Drug Delivery

Primary Uses of SwissLens Bandage Lenses:

Assists Healing:

  • Post operativ
  • Bullous Keratopathie
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrom
  • Keratoplastie
  • stabilisation of corneal epithel

Post Operative Aid:

  • Shield against suture ends
  • Anterior Membrane Dystrophies
  • Pain relief in some forms of laser refractive surgery
  • Reoccurring Corneal erosion syndrome

Reducing patient discomfort:

  • Exposure via Trauma/Injury
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Entropion
  • Trichiasis
  • Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Splint Support:

  • Corneal Perforation
  • Corneal Thinning
  • Corneal Injury

Corneal barrier:

  • Chemical/Thermal Burns
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Filamentary Keratitis
  • Trachoma